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Are We Welcoming All?

As Christians do we, not all believe that God has created us all in his own image.  That he gave us all his only son who suffered and died for us on the cross that we might ALL have eternal life.  I don’t believe that Christ’s sacrifice was for just some of us.  I for one believe that Christ came to earth as a means to demonstrate God’s deep and abiding love for all his children, not for just some, but for all.  I firmly believe that we as children of God and followers of Christ need to step up, and right the wrongs of individuals and groups that speak to marginalize the rights, privileges, and freedoms of individuals that are a part of the LGBTQ Community.  The love of God as expressed through his son, Jesus Christ, was intended for all people regardless of their sexual orientation.  If we are to take seriously and live the life of being true disciples of Christ, should we not express our love for all people?  Does not All mean ALL?

Your thoughts?

— Maurice “Moe” Parisien

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