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Democratic Missouri Lawmakers Push for LGBT Protection in 2016

St. Louis Public Radio Statehouse reporter, Marshall Griffen reported today that Democrats in the Missouri House and Senate have unveiled their agenda for this year’s legislative session, and it includes several items Republican leaders have no intention of moving forward.

Those items include expanding Medicaid coverage to more low-income Missourians (HB 2201 and SB 961) and expanding the state’s definition of discrimination to include LGBT people (HB 2279 and SB 653).

“Our party’s goal is to leave a better Missouri for future generations,” said House Minority Floor Leader Jake Hummel, D-St. Louis. “We stand ready and willing to work with Republicans to pass these common-sense bills that are widely supported by the majority of Missourians.”


With moves such as this by our lawmakers in Missouri, we can only hope that the Missouri Conference of United Methodists is not far behind.

— Maurice ‘Moe’ Parisien

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