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What Do Methodists Have to Say?

The following quotes have been sourced from UM Interpreter Magazine.  We lift up these thoughts to demonstrate what is important and critical to the dialogue on the subject of LGBTQ rights, particularly now as we approach the time of General Conference to take place this May in Portland, OR.

My first prayer and hope for 2016 is that The United Methodist Church ACT in LOVE and abolish the disciplinary language that holds the LGBTQ community apart from full inclusion in the life of the church as members and as clergy. My second prayer and hope is that we as United Methodists never again step in to judge who is worthy of the fullness of God’s love.

Robin Foster, Red Bank UMC, Little Silver, New Jersey

My hope and prayers are for a church that is truly a sanctuary of love and acceptance for ALL. For 43 years, those in the LGBTQ community have been excluded from being full participants in the church and it’s time for our doctrine to reflect God’s love and acceptance of them just as the church did for women and those in the African-American community years ago. All means all.

Trish Gunby, Manchester UMC, Manchester, Missouri

My hope is that the when the church leaders meet at General Conference in the spring that they will adopt a resolution to change the Discipline to be totally inclusive of our gay, lesbian and transgender brothers and sisters and will allow them to marry in the church and serve God and the church in any capacity. Christ never spoke about them specifically, but he said to include all!

Pat McMillion, Monte Sano UMC, Huntsville, Alabama

My hope is for the Holy Spirit to renew us to live committed to the way of Jesus Christ and his kingdom that is tethered to our Wesleyan roots. I hope to see the Lord lead us through diversity to be truly unified by holy love for the sake of the world. I hope to see people raised up to transform local churches to reach their community for God’s glory.

Rev. G. Michael Scarlett, First UMC, Pocatello, Idaho

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