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The Inside Outs Home Fellowship Group

The Inside Outs Home Fellowship Group is a small group that has been formed to support the mission of Reconciling Ministries of MUMC. The focus will be upon spiritual growth of the group participants with an emphasis on the needs as members of the LBGTQ community. However, as with all members of a community of faith we share many common struggles, trials, and concerns as well as desires, goals, and aspirations. All are welcome to participate in this group and we strive to grow together through both our common and individual experiences. The group’s first study will be A Way Through the Wilderness: Growing in Faith When Life is Hard.  If interested, we encourage you to register with the “Home Fellowship” group sign-up page at the Manchester UMC website.  When you reach the sign-up page, click on the drop down menu and select the “Inside Outs Home Fellowship Group”  Coordinated by Kurt Rehwinkel and Phillip Lynn. Register Today

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