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General Conference: Council of Bishops Put forth a Proposal on LGBTQ Inclusion

On Wednesday, May 18, 2016 the Council of Bishops (COB) made a historic step by putting forth a proposal at General Conference that represents a significant step forward and an institutional shift in the direction of inclusion and equality for people of

Adam Hamilton – 5 Things the General Conference Could Do Regarding Same Gender Marriage – Part 2

The following is the second part of Rev. Adam Hamilton’s 3 part blog on the subject of same-sex marriage and what our United Methodist General Conference could do to move the church forward to becoming a more inclusive loving community. Read On…

New York Conference BOOM Formally Welcomes LGBTQI Candidates for Ministry

An article recently published by the UM New York Conference is being shared here for the benefit of those interested in keeping abreast of the actions being taken elsewhere in the country to recognize equality and promote respect for members of the